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Do you live in an apartment but want to grow your own food? We show you how to grow a balcony or small space food garden by optimising your space

By utilising space, light and airflow, you can increase the footprint and productivity of your balcony garden. Having your own thriving balcony or small space garden saves you time and money, and improves the liveability of your home by creating an incredible outdoor room. Your food garden balcony can be an incredible outdoor room used for entertaining, moonlit nights with a glass of wine under the cucumber bush or for reading a book while reclining in the shade with a home-grown and home-made blueberry, mint and pansy flower chia pudding (recipe to come).

Learn how to introduce organic gardening principles into your balcony garden, improving the health of your soil, your plants and your family. We show you how to tackle common problems like pests and plant diseases and how to cultivate for success. Learn How to start a balcony garden and join our mailing list for upcoming balcony gardening live events and special offers.

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    I would like to share with you our strategy for having a perpetually producing organic balcony garden that grows most of our vegetables and all of our herbs. A lot of people are surprised that we live in a unit and that we grow so much of our own fresh food right Growing food on our balcony is a journey Hitting this point of self-sufficiency has been a journey. We have had just as many successes as failures. With lost crops that looked like they were going to be bumper successful only to have them wither, be eaten by caterpillars or […]
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    When I set out to write this blog post my objective was to research and bring light to self-sufficient organic fertiliser solutions available to every balcony and small space gardener. I expected to talk about compost and worm farms but I was absolutely astonished to discover that a plant that I grew up knowing about for its homeopathic properties would become my new best friend in our balcony garden. Comfrey is the ideal Permaculture organic solution to fertilisers Comfrey is a great dynamic accumulator Comfrey has a very long taproot. That taproot digs deep under the earth to mine all […]
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    Powdery mildew is one of the most common problems to occur in a small garden. Balconies, patios and small footprint gardens where there is a high density of plants are more likely to have plants impacted by powdery mildew as there is often less sunlight, space and air-flow. Preventing powdery mildew is far more effective than treating it once it sets in. You can prevent powdery mildew by carefully utilising the space in your balcony or small space garden. What is powdery mildew? Powdery mildew is a fungus commonly found growing in the garden. It grows from spores that may […]
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    Gardening- How to foster wellbeing and resilience during social isolation in an apartment with a toddler.
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    How to start an organic balcony food garden. A little bit of planning can lead to amazing harvests.

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